The City of San Antonio (CoSA), as Grantee of the San Antonio and Bexar County Head Start Program, is responsible for program administration, operational oversight, and management of funds as the Grantee, CoSA must establish and maintain a formal structure of shared governance through which parents can participate in policy making decisions about the Head Start program. The structure must include a Governing body and Policy Council. Service Providers also operate Parent Leadership Committees at all Head Start centers to ensure opportunities for parent participation.

The Governance Structure consists of:

    • Educational Excellence Committee
      The Educational Excellence Committee receives education, legal and fiscal consulting assistance from the Head Start Division, City Attorney’s office and the Financial Department.
  • Head Start Policy Council
    Members of the San Antonio & Bexar County Head Start Policy Council (HSPC) are responsible for the direction of the Head Start Program, including program design and operation, and long and short term planning goals and objectives, taking into account the annual community wide strategic planning and needs assessment and self-assessment.
  • Parent Leadership Committee (PLC)
    The Parent Leadership Committees are established each school year at the center level to enhance parent participation. The committee works in partnership with Head Start center staff, receives parent training and education, and provides support to children in the learning process.